What is a Social Enterprise?

Allegr is the company behind the Military App, we are a registered Social Enterprise. We believe that this is important as it ensures we are truly aligned to support the communities we serve, we are not just a technology company.
Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social or environmental purpose. Social enterprises demonstrate a better way to do business, one that prioritises benefit to people and planet and uses the majority of any profit to further their mission. Social enterprises contribute to reducing economic inequality, improving social justice and to environmental sustainability.

Social enterprises are businesses. Like any other business, they seek to make a profit and succeed commercially. But how they operate, who they employ, how they use their profits and where they work is transforming lives and communities across the UK and around the world.

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Allegr's Purpose

We are a social purpose organisation, strengthening human connection and supporting shared activity.

We connect people. We are a catalyst for positive, in-person experiences assisted by a digital peer-to-peer network. We align with Partners to tackle the importance of human connection, the hidden impact of loneliness and loss of identity on health, and the social power of community.

Transforming the way Regiments and Military Units connect and support their entire family.

For new Regiments, Unit HQs or Associations looking to better support your members…