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Supported by the Household Cavalry Associations, the Household Cavalry Foundation, the Fusiliers Aid Society, Allegr Foundation and the AFCFT, Walk+Talk is an activation created by and supported within the Military App.

All Walk+Talk groups and events can be found within the Military App (and Fusiliers Connect) platform, however, walks are open to veterans and families from any Regiment.

Simple. Effective. Impactful.

From a survey of 30 veterans engaged in early stage Military App activities
Feel more connected with the Regimental and military community
Feel an increased sense of purpose and fulfilment

It is always good to connect with a member from your Regimental family or those with shared experiences across the military community. Whether you served together or not, or just share the loyalty of a unifying set of values, it is worth taking the time. And now more than ever we need to strengthen in-person peer support and encourage positive physical and mental well-being within our community.

Walk+Talk is a simple and easy way to connect on your doorstep. We already have over 60+ monthly Walk+Talk events established across the UK (and some internationally) which is over 600 touch points every year. And it is quickly growing...

Peer support and engagement is one of the best ways to strengthen a community and build a proactive approach to supporting positive mental and physical health. And what better way to do this than getting outside in the fresh air with one or two people we can instantly relate to and look out for.

If you like, bring a dog, bring a brew, bring the kids... Just follow these simple steps…

Would you like to JOIN a walk in your area?

You can join Walk+Talks as a member of the Military App Community - this means that either your Regiment needs to have Community membership or you can be invited by a Walk Leader. All Walk+Talk groups and events are advertised within the Military App.

Would you like to LEAD a walk in your area?

If you are a member of the Military App and would like to lead a new Walk+Talk, either complete the form in the pinboard of the App or complete the web form below and we will take it from there.


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Walk+Talk
Can anyone join a walk?
Alerts go out in the App and you can invite your connections. Often Regimental Associations will also send out emails to support these events. If you see the walk advertised then anyone can attend. If you are in the area or are keen for the trip then please do sign up. All you need to do is reply to the Walk Advert to say you are coming or join the walk chat group and message the Walk Leader so they know you are coming.
If you cannot see an upcoming Walk+Talk in the Group or Events list...
Walk adverts only show when an upcoming Walk+Talk is booked, so if you see a group in your area and are interested in joining, please just join the group and message the Walk Leader on the group chat.
What about disability access?
If you have an question about disability on one or any of the Walk + Talks please email help@militaryapp.org. Most of our walk leaders can be flexible to select a walk location that is wheelchair or mobility scooter accessible if given advance warning and we will do what we can to make Walk + Talk inclusive throughout.
Having difficulty accessing a Walk+Talk because you are new to the Military App...
If you are trying to join a Walk+Talk but are having a technical difficulty please email help@militaryapp.org
If you are interested but can't make the walk time or date...
Please join the walk group anyway as it may be possible to change it to a time that works for everyone, or at least then you can have input into the time for the next walk.
Want to join but no walk near you...
If you would like to be involved but there is no walk near you then please get in touch. You are probably not the only one and we can help you get a Walk + Talk started and help let members know in your area. Alternatively you can go straight to the website and fill in the form to lead a new Walk + Talk in your area.
My Regiment is not on the Military App yet…
If your regimental community as a whole would like to join, please contact us. You can only join the Military App if your unit is signed up to the community or if you have been invited by one of our activity leaders.
Safeguarding and Risk Assessments
A Walk+Talk Risk Assessment along with our Safeguarding Policy can be found here:
Supported by:
Walk+Talk is a programme gratefully supported by the AFCFT (The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust) and The Allegr Foundation.

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