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You should only download the App if you know that your Regiment or Military Unit is a signed up member of the community. The Military App is open to members of our partner regiments / units / association, those invited by our activity leaders, or partner charities or support providers. The Military App is a single global community, however, some Regiments have their own App to access the community.
Before downloading the App please read the simple step-by-step guide below as you will need a Group Access code and have to verify your membership.
Find your Regiment in the list below and download the correct App:

The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals

Military App

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Fusiliers Connect

The Royal Yeomanry

Military App

Still having trouble?

Below is a step-by-step guide to registering on the app along with Frequently Asked Questions. If this doesn't fix your problem please email us on letting us know your issue and we will help you get set up ASAP.

App Registration and Setup Help

This page describes the step-by-step instructions to get set up on the App. If you are accessing via the Web, please go to this page.

Step 1

Register as a Member

From the main sign-in page of the app near the bottom select “No account yet? Register”

Then fill in your first and last name and email. When you type in your email please double check for typos or errors as this can cause members a delay.

Step 2

Enter Group Code

After selecting your Regiment you will be asked to fill in your GROUP CODE. This will have been sent to you initially in an email from your Association or Unit. If you do not have this you can request it from your Association Secretary

Step 3

Activate your Account

By completing registration in Step 2 you will have been sent an automatic email from with your 6 digit Unique Verification Code.

Select Activate my Account from the bottom of the main sign in page and on the next page please type or paste in your Unique Verification Code.

Step 4

Complete Details

You can now complete the rest of your details and access the App.

For details help videos on how to make the most of the App:

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