Mobile App

Connect directly with your members via the Mobile App, an entire community in the palm of your hand.

Web App

Access to the complete community from your PC or laptop, improves accessibility for members.

In-Person Support

In-person member activations and engagements ensuring a thriving and human first community.

Community Management

Our team provide hands-on management to engage and grow your community with communications, activations and in-person events and programmes.

Tech Support

We are on hand to support you and your members, we provide full support via our in-house team.

White Label Design

Join the community with your own branded App, your own entry point to the global community. Regimental identity at its core.

Email Service

Email across App members and any uploaded/integrated mailing list, one system for all. A simplified user interface for creating and managing emails across your community.

Film and Marketing

We can provide video content as well as full marketing, design and comms support.

Project Management

Your Headquarters App project team will be given access to our own bespoke Project Management system.

Launch your Regimental Family in under 3 weeks.

Fully managed and supported community launch and ongoing engagement. Speak to us about how we can help
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Our Services

From App to full service delivery and community management

Mobile and Web App

The Military App Software-as-a-Service provides a licence to a Regimental Family for its members to access the platform. This access is both through a Mobile App (iOS and Android) and a Web-App. Our Web-App can be embedded into any existing Regimental website as part of set-up, or we can provide web access through our own website. We are also able to build a new website to support this if needed.

White Label Design

As part of our premium service we can offer a white label version of the App that can be branded to fit a Regiment or Military Unit's needs. The white label version will still access all the same features and membership of the full Military App Community.

See example - The Fusiliers have a Fusiliers Connect white label version of the Military App.
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In-Person Support and Community Workshops

The Military App team work with RHQ / Association stakeholders all the way through the process. We are on-hand and will pick up all the workload needed for a successful launch and continued operation. This saves time and money as we have a proven track record of delivering high quality, quickly. This includes - design work; event activation; community engagement; film production; social media and email communications; existing IT and CRM support; procurement and distribution of kit and merchandise; stakeholder training.

We want to work closely with you to help bring your project to life and our support means that an RHQ should require no additional resources once the project is up and running.

As part of the launch and on-boarding process we offer in-person and online Community Workshops to help a wide range of your stakeholders to understand the benefits of the platform and familiarise themselves as group administrators.
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Email Communication Service

Our communication platform allows you to send emails at scale, built upon industry leading infrastructure. We have created a simplified user interface for creating and managing emails.

Simple and effective email communication across App Members and Unit or Regimental HQs / Association mailing lists. Unify your communications and improve the reach of your message.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.
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Project Management

We have built our own, easy to use project management system to help your HQ staff deliver successfully and on time.
Each regiment will have its own designated Onboarding Dashboard and work flow system where the set-up and launch project is broken down into sections and tasks. Tasks include a description, priority level, completion status, due date and comments box and any member of the project team can access and update these. A task can be expanded to upload designs, forms and documents, as well as accessing external web links showing mock-ups and best practice.

The Onboarding Dashboard gives your stakeholders a quick and easy method of overseeing project progress and our team will work with you in regular project meeting, picking up the majority of the workload.
Set-Up and Onboarding Process
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Tech Support

Our technical expertise comes from our co-founders and is not outsourced to a third party. For this reason our Communities have direct tech support from people who know and understand the platform and the people using it. We often find ourselves helping out our Community partners in other technical areas, such as CRM management and websites, so that their experience is efficient and easy.
App Support
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How do we compare?

Compare the Military App

We have put together a comparison of the features and services that we provide versus other platforms in the market.

A key point of difference is that The Military App provides an active digital community from the beginning - allowing members to engage with their private unit groups, as well as a broader military and veterans' community.
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Helping Regimental Communities bring their project to life...

We can support you with film and videos to help promote your app launch or capture human content stories to drive engagement. We will also support your communications team all the way through the process, providing imagery and marketing content ready for you to share. And we do this all extremely cheaply because we believe in it and are passionate about building engagement.

Here is a media example for the Fusiliers Connect project where we made a promo video ahead of their launch as well as a five-piece human content series.

Transforming the way Regiments and Military Units connect and support their entire family.

For new Regiments, Unit HQs or Associations looking to better support your members…