Updates to the App

We are constantly upgrading and improving the App, you can see the latest updates below:


June 29, 2024

Article Statistics - for authors to track the number of reads of their articles

Branding - more branding options in groups for regimental/unit colours

Images - improved processing of image uploads for article authors


May 30, 2024

Sharing - improved public links to support Regimental/Unit branding

Password Reset - Improved reliability for the password reset process.


May 23, 2024

Email Change - allow members to update their email address

Tour/Base - option to add in a job role

Privacy - option to hide email/phone from being seen by connections

Notifications - prevent additional notifications being sent to members when articles are updated

Public links - these are now shortened

Images - optimised image processing to improve resolution for article creators

YouTube - support for the embedding of YouTube shorts in Articles

Events - more event question options, improving on the event organising capabilities by adding in custom drop down questions


April 19, 2024

Group search - improvements to the speed of search


April 18, 2024

Voice news - new feature allows voice notes as articles

Branding - Public link URL's now branded

Share news to other groups - admins can now publish their news into many groups at once

Facebook previews - when sharing events and articles

Bugs and Improvements - permission controls for admin, image access permissions, registration enhancements


February 17, 2024

Search Updates - the search for members has been improved to deal with the large numbers of members on the App.


February 15, 2024

Event TBC - create placeholder events when the final date is not yet set.
Events - support for "all day" events
Chat performance - improved performance to handle hundreds of chats
Connection Search - improvements to the search for connections
Images - faster saving and loading of images in articles
Memory - enhancements to list loading throughout the app to improve device memory utilisation
Notifications - fixed the bug that created multiple notifications in certain circumstances


January 25, 2024

Preview of identity - When you get an incoming request, you can see a preview of the person so you know who you are connecting with
How are you feeling?
- added a prompt to ask member if they wish to visit the Support Suite resources if they select a low score
Group code request changes
- improvements to help us service member Regiment/Corps more efficiently and quickly
New content type
- group admins can now embed websites into their groups, a really helpful feature to enrich the member experience
Pinboard ordering
- amended order of the tiles to bring connections, messages etc higher up the order
Show create button on group pages
- For group admins you can now create an articles/event from the main screen
Articles access to camera/image
- You can now upload images as attachments on news/articles rather than just files
Articles FAQs
- for Support Articles, now Q&A can be added. A useful way for people to interact with these support articles to clarify points with the author


January 10, 2024

New Pinboard for the App, this is now the central location for new articles, upcoming events, connections and chats. There is also an updated view for all notifications, enhancing the user experience and reliability.

The Support Suite has been moved so it is readily accessible from the main navigation.

There have been significant performance upgrades to article lists and loading of updates as well as memory optimisation throughout the App.


October 13, 2023

We've updated our registration and login process to improve ease of use - the process is faster and easier to understand using a guided wizard-type approacch.

Added support for Attachments in News and Support articles.

In our constant efforts to help support our members, we have added a new feature to help us guide them directly on their device with a screen share if they request it. (to be clear we cannot access any device without the member giving us explicit permission.)

More details here


October 2, 2023

Wordpress Plugin launched, this allows quick and simple embedding of the Web App in any Wordpress site.

Minor Updates to the App performance and Chat loading


September 26, 2023

Images are here - chats now support images. You can share images along with events, groups and polls in direct messages as well as chat groups.

New group types added to support regional and regimental branches.

We've also improved the overall performance of chats to make it more responsive and fixed some other bugs.


September 17, 2023

Updates to the News and Support articles interface to improve image uploading.


September 6, 2023

  • OTP Reset password - changed the layout to four input boxes and can detect copied OTP in clipboard
  • Service number - Added support for Navy, Royal Marines and RAF numbers
  • Android Chats - improved reliability for Chats
  • Sharing tray - allow sharing links/text from other App into to the chats
  • Branding regiment updates - changed layouts for White Label Web App


July 28, 2023

  • Chat Performance Improvements
  • Event and Group Sharing - news and support articles can now link directly to groups and event
  • Chat Sharing - events and groups can be shared within private messages and group chats
  • Zoom Images - you can now zoom in on images in articles and groups
  • Auto-Login - users with saved credentials will now be logged in automatically


June 27, 2023

  • Registration improvements for easier sign up
  • Chats - improved delivery speed on new messages
  • Events - public links to events can now be shared by all members for ease of use
  • Events - attachments can now be added to events so you can refer to existing documents and further instructions
  • Improvements to the upgrade process for existing App installations
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


June 20, 2023

  • Added feature to notify users via email and push notification when event date changes or events are cancelled
  • Organizers can now send messages to all attendees of an event
  • Added the ability to delete messages
  • Added Event questions FAQs section for attendees
  • Bug fixes and improvements to enhance user experience.


May 21, 2023

Added the ability to search across multiple What's On regions

Improvements to the password reset process

Performance enhancements


May 6, 2023

Added a "Remember Me" option for username and password.

Improved Push Notification reliability for large groups

Amended Activation Codes to avoid 0 (zero) and O (letter o) being confused


April 26, 2023

Performance Improvements on loading member lists


April 24, 2023

Performance Improvements

  • Data caching
  • Bug fixes

What's On Improved Filtering


April 17, 2023

Bug fixes and performance enhancements


April 3, 2023

Bug fixes and performance enhancements


April 3, 2023

Bug fixes and performance enhancements


March 13, 2023

This version update contains lots of new features and improvements to help the Military App community be more engaged and connected online.

What's On

  • This is a brand-new area that lists all events open to the Military App community, giving members the chance to search events by region that are local to them. 
  • What’s On hosts events not just from your Regimental, social or activity groups but also events that are supported across the wider veteran community. These may include breakfast clubs, veterans’ hub engagements or career and professional development events.
  • What’s On lists all the events you are attending, considering going to and invited to and for Event Organisers, all your created events will also be listed here so you can easily update details and invite people to join.
  • We have added a powerful search filter to narrow down the location and types of events that you might be interested in.
  • You will also find more details about the event - who from your connections is attending, questions the organiser needs to know, and payment links for paid events.

Group Events

  • We have updated this section using our brand-new events engine.
  • Event Organisers can now create your Walk+Talk, Social, and Activity events here. Invite your friends, family, or even the whole Regiment. You can also add photos, save events to your calendar, email event details, as well as adding payment details and other links.
  • Event Organisers can now set any number of questions as part of their event advert and participants will have to answer the questions before submitting their RSVP. These can include for example - ‘Are you coming?’ ‘Are you bringing a plus one?’ ‘Do you have any dietary requirements?’ ‘Who wants to go for a brew after the walk?’  
  • Event Organisers will also have a page dedicated to responses of the people you invited to your event with the option to download a report in spreadsheet format if needed.
  • We have also added a Public Link function for organisers and attendees to share outside of the app if needed. This shares event information (after removing any member data), and still sends back the participant feedback to the Event Organiser’s report. This means an Event Organiser (from a small event to a large dinner) can use the app as an efficient way to manage their events, without having to give up on existing communications channels that have helped them raise awareness in the past.
  • Events that are exclusive to the whole Regiment or group can also be found here.

Polls in Chat

  • We added a new interactive way to add questions as Polls within Group Chat.
  • If you have any questions for the group or about a certain event you are organising, asking a Poll in the Group Chat is the most efficient way to get answers. For example - ‘Who is interested in a walk next week?’ or ‘Which of these dates works best for our next curry?’
  • You will also have a breakdown of all the answers to your Poll.

Group Management

  • For Group Admins, we have added new tools to manage members, toggle sections of the group, and manage event organisers.


  • You can now invite your friends from your Regiment to join the Military App community using your phone contacts.
  • We made some improvements in informing you of important updates. You will always be prompted for any new changes to our Terms and Conditions, and new version app updates of the Military App.

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