Wordpress Plugin

Here is our Wordpress Plugin, designed to make installing the Military App Web App into any Wordpress site quickly and simply.

This Plugin requires a valid Embed Code, please this request from Military App Support.


Step 1 - Download

Download the Plugin from the link below:

Step 2 - Install

In Wordpress, open the'Plugins' menu in the wp-admin area

Plugins => Installed Plugins => Add New
Upload Plugin => Choose File

Select the .zip file you have just downloaded.

Install Now => Activate Plugin

If you do not see "plugins" or other options please send this link to your website administrator or someone with the correct permissions.

Step 3 - Activate

Once activated, a notice box,  should be displayed at the top of the page.

By clicking the "here" link you can see how the created page looks

If there are layout issues, you can edit the "Settings" via the link

Step 4 - Configure

The plugin is sent with a "demo" configuration, this will not work but will correctly show the layout.

In the "settings" of the plugin insert the name of the configuration you have been sent by Support.

Once saved, you can refresh the Web App page and you should see the installed Web App Login screen

Step 4 - Layout (optional)

Depending on which theme you have installed you may need to hide additional page sections. This is done with Custom CSS, this can be pasted into the Theme CSS section.

The Web App best suits a full width page with no footer, if you are not sure how to create the custom CSS for this then please contact support or your Web developer.

An example of the custom CSS required to work with the "Astra" theme is below as a guide:
/* astra */
.site-content .ast-container {
display: contents;

.ast-container {
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 0;

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