Dragon Connect - A New Era of Engagement for the Royal Welsh on St David's Day

On the auspicious occasion of St David's Day, the Royal Welsh proudly unveiled 'Dragon Connect,'...
Written by
Ben Burch
Published on
March 31, 2024

On the auspicious occasion of St David's Day, the Royal Welsh proudly unveiled 'Dragon Connect,' a groundbreaking community within the Military App designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the bonds of its Regimental Family. In less than a month, Dragon Connect has roared to life with over 1200 members and a flourishing tapestry of positive connections and stories.

As Regimental Headquarters (RHQs) across the nation grapple with the challenges of supporting and engaging their members, the Royal Welsh's initiative with the Military App shines as a beacon of innovation and understanding. The bespoke community platform caters to veterans, serving soldiers, and their families, driving human connection and in-person engagement in a digital age.

"The quest for a fitting platform to enhance our communication and support structure led us to the Military App, a decision that stands out as a watershed moment for us," said Capt Mike Jones, Assistant Regimental Secretary of The Royal Welsh. "Their dedication and tailored approach demonstrate a profound grasp of the unique challenges faced by RHQs. I wholeheartedly endorse the Military App to other Regiments seeking to fortify their Regimental Families."

The Military App, with its suite of tools like Messaging, Group, Events, Connection, Pinboard, and Notifications, is rapidly proving to be more than just a platform. It's a catalyst for real-world engagement and wellbeing, evidenced by the Royal Welsh's Dragon Connect, which is rekindling the spirit of camaraderie and providing unparalleled support.

As Dragon Connect continues to grow, the Royal Welsh looks forward to nurturing the seeds of connection planted on St David's Day and beyond, fostering a community that thrives on support, engagement, and a shared sense of purpose.

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