Platform Security

We employ a range of security features to keep our platform secure, from end-to-end encryption of messages, HTTPS communications and regular security reviews. We are hosted on our own dedicated Private Cloud environment in the UK.

We would describe our security as "Commercial Grade", although there are no real definitions of this. This is likely to match or better similar MOD specification, however like most other interactive platforms being used by Associations, this isn't an MOD app and so isn't hosted on MOD Cloud. This is due to user practicality and the reality of its purpose - as a digital community platform that supports large numbers of veterans, families and ex-military members, it wouldn't be advantageous to require log-in to an additional MOD system before access (such as SCRM for emails).

The commercial security grades are appropriate, however, we are always clear that this is a community support tool and not meant as a replacement for an MOD classified comms channel.

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